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The Evolution of an Icon The Forty Six, located in the heart of Barcelona on the iconic Paseo de Gracia, is more than a luxury accommodation; it is a symbol of the city's history and tradition. Built in the 1940s by
A Complete Renovation The Forty Six, an iconic building located in the heart of Barcelona, has undergone a complete renovation with a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. This renovation has not only transformed the space into a luxury accommodation but also
A Dream Kitchen with a View With a prime location on Barcelona's Paseo de Gracia, The Forty Six offers a unique experience that combines luxury, comfort, and an exceptional view of Antoni Gaudí's Casa Batlló. One of the highlights of this
A Luxury Experience in the Heart of Barcelona In the heart of Barcelona, on the iconic Paseo de Gracia, lies The Forty Six, a place that combines the comfort of a boutique apartment with the exclusive services of a luxury hotel.
An Unforgettable Experience Traveling with friends or family is a wonderful experience, but finding accommodation that suits everyone's tastes and needs can be a challenge. At The Forty Six, located in the heart of Barcelona, we offer exceptional suites designed to
Unparalleled Rest At The Forty Six, we pride ourselves on offering not only luxury accommodation but also an unparalleled rest experience. Our suites are designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation, with every detail carefully selected to ensure a restorative sleep.
A City of Unique Flavors Barcelona is renowned for its rich gastronomic tradition and unique flavors. Exploring the local cuisine is an essential part of any visit to this vibrant city, and The Forty Six offers you the perfect opportunity to
An Exciting and Productive Experience Traveling for work can be exhausting, but with the right accommodation, it can become an exciting and productive experience. The Forty Six offers the perfect combination of work and leisure, allowing you to enjoy the intimacy
A Space for Any Type of Event At The Forty Six, we not only offer luxury accommodation in the heart of Barcelona but also provide elegant and fully equipped spaces for professional events. Our rooms are designed to meet the needs
Welcome to the beating heart of Barcelona, where the cosmopolitan spirit intertwines with history and art to offer an unprecedented work experience. Here, at THE FORTY SIX, your business trip transforms into an odyssey of comfort, style, and efficiency. Say goodbye
In the vibrant heart of Barcelona lies The Forty Six, a true gem that merges the rich history of the city with 21st-century modernity. This residence embodies the very essence of elegance and luxury, with deep roots in Barcelona's historical past.
When we think about traveling, we often imagine the most iconic tourist destinations, the photos that will adorn our social media, and the experiences that await us. However, sometimes what truly makes a difference in a trip is that personalized touch,
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